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  1. Dear anon, just to let you know, I am really bad at these type of things but I will try and fulfill your question anyway. If you want a better answer; askuroppa, teentop-my-imagination or exotic-imagine.

    C.A.P - The Romanticist 

     Minsoo, in my opinion, would be a very romantic guy. He may not seem like it but he’d do a lot of romantic things for you. Yes, he will laze around a lot but he’d do or say small lovely things that will make your heart drop. Like a surprise visit at work with a rose or a good morning call. He’s the type of guy to take you out for dinner rather than a picnic in the park, because you know, dinner is romantic. Late night out is more lovey than morning strolls notinthatwayokayperv.

    Chunji - The Dream Guy

     Channie is every girl’s dream guy. Face it; good looks, good attitude - he has it all. He may be a bit shorter than most guys but with his love and focus for only you, he will be taller than the Eiffel Tower. Since Channie is known to be a bit of a diva, he’ll take you out shopping, spoil you, have fun with you. While you’re shopping he’ll hold your bags and suggest things. He won’t get mad at walking all day long. Also, he’ll protect you from any danger or flirtatious guys. He would like to try new things with you, since he seems to be adventurous.

    L.Joe - The Shy Boy

     You know those shy boys from movies and stories, L.Joe is one of them. He’ll be quiet at the first few months but gradually get more confidence and showy. Though, he’ll still be shy when he gives you flowers or teddy bears. He would be a very sweet boyfriend though, good morning messages, goodnight kisses, never missing an anniversary. He’s the type to kiss you any time he can. He’d be tough when others hurt you or flirt with you, despite his shy personality. We all know the Gangjoe in that boy.

    Niel - The Perfect One

    This boy is tall, handsome, polite, funny, smart and the list of good things could go on forever. Niel is every girl’s perfect boyfriend. He’ll help you get something on the top shelf, he’ll pick up a thing you may have dropped. He’d take you out on nice dates like a stroll on the beach or a night out at a restaurant. He’d also make you laugh when you need it. He’ll be immature but he knows his limits. He can take you anywhere in the world, since his dream is to travel it. With a sweet guy like him, you would last forever.

    Ricky - The Childhood Best Friend

     Ah, young love. Ricky is the childhood sweetheart you grew up with. He’s always been there with you through your memories. You two went to the same schools, same clubs. You would always have sleepovers with each other. As you grew up, there was never a secret untold between you two because you have the tightest friendship. There was never a day with this kid, and he wanted it to keep it that way. Thus the reason he asked you out with a teddy bear from when you were 5.

    Changjo - The Surprise! 

     Changjo is the guy that came out of nowhere and just slapped across your face. And since then, he’s been with you. He’s the one that would buy you presents out of nowhere or take you out in the middle of the day without planning it. You’d always have to have your phone with you because you never know when he’ll send you sweet messages or call you to check if you’re okay. Changjo isn’t the guy to just get you a rose, he’s the guy that would do the unexpected.

     And that right there, was my failure of trying to explain what type of boyfriends Teen Top will be. ;;


    what type of boyfriends would teen top be?
I knew they’d find new ways to torture l.joe

    I knew they’d find new ways to torture l.joe

    king of fanservice:ahn daniel


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